emet | אֶמֶת

emet wants to understand the relationship between ancestral grief and collective imagination. for emet, the key to this wisdom is devotional attention.

born and raised beneath Texas skies, emet inhabits the borderlands between the visible and the invisible. they are the proud recipient of the 2021 Gloria Anzaldúa poetry prize and their debut chapbook, between every bird our bones, will be published by Newfound in fall of 2022.

emet is a community organizer, a song leader, and a libra sun. they are also the co-founder of The Barnacle Goose— a radically surreal magazine published by Blima Books.

emet works as the development coordinator for Achvat Amim, a movement-building platform and radical education initiative in Palestine. they live rooted in diaspora, making home between Texas and Berlin.

when they re-incarnate, emet hopes to become a bird.

to contact emet for bookings, or to exchange astrological charts, email emet.ezell@gmail.com or follow them on social media: @baruchdayanemet