emet | אֶמֶת

born and raised beneath Texas skies, emet ezell inhabits the borderlands between the visible and the invisible. they are the author of the chapbook between every bird our bones, which won the 2021 Gloria Anzaldúa poetry prize. their writing can be found inside and outside of the internet. these days, emet is thinking about death and spiritual inheritance.

emet works as the development coordinator for Achvat Amim, a movement-building platform and radical education initiative in Palestine. they live rooted in diaspora, making home between Texas and Berlin.

emet is also co-founder of The Barnacle Goose— a radically surreal magazine published by Blima Books.

when they re-incarnate, emet hopes to become a bird.

you can reach them by email or on social media: @baruchdayanemet


selected poems

MIZNA: four poems (forthcoming 2022)

Cordella Press: bigger than a womb (2021, nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Pigeon Pages: to find myself not-woman is an incantation of garlic (2021)

Pigeon Pages: sift the sky for the almost full moon (2021)

Stone of Madness Press: a giant goose charges towards me (2021)

articles and book chapters

PM Press: How to Queer the Grammar of the Body by Baking Bread, with Cassius Kelly in Surviving the Future: Abolitionist Queer Strategies (forthcoming 2023)

Fat Studies: You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Hate Levy’s Real Jewish Rye Bread (2022)

Latinx Spaces: How Much Attention Do We Give the Far Right? (2021), Baking as Activism (2021), Contending with the Shadows: On Decolonial Agency (2020), Diabled Artist Naomi Ortiz Re-Imagining Worlds (2019), Reflections Upon the Death of Laura Aguilar (2018)

creative projects

Collective Liberation Tarot (forthcoming 2023)