selected publications

MIZNA: four poems (forthcoming 2022)

Cordella Press: bigger than a womb (2021, nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Pigeon Pages: to find myself not-woman is an incantation of garlic (2021)

Pigeon Pages: sift the sky for the almost full moon (2021)

Stone of Madness Press: a giant goose charges towards me (2021)

articles and book chapters

PM Press: How To: Queer the Grammar of the Body by Eating Bread (2022)   

Fat Studies: You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Hate Levy’s Real Jewish Rye Bread (2022)

Latinx Spaces: How Much Attention Do We Give the Far Right? (2021), Baking as Activism (2021), Contending with the Shadows: On Decolonial Agency (2020), Diabled Artist Naomi Ortiz Re-Imagining Worlds (2019), Reflections Upon the Death of Laura Aguilar (2018)

art projects

Collective Liberation Tarot (2023)

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